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Raymond & Mary Woodruff

11364 Ellenton Mtn. Rd.

Shunk, PA 17768

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© 2009-2019 Buttermilk Falls Campground

At Buttermilk Falls Campground, we reserve the right to select our clientele and their guests.  We may evict without prior notice anyone who creates a disturbance, nuisance or deliberately breaks any of the campground rules.  NO repayment of fees will be made in the event if such an eviction is imposed.

This property is privately owned. Guests and Campers accept camping privileges with the understanding that you hereby release Buttermilk Falls Campground, its owners, and employees of all liability for loss and/or damages to the property and injury arising out of use of camping facilities. Guests agree to indemnify Buttermilk Falls Campground against claims resulting from loss or damage to property or injury to the person of any member of the party of the registered camper arising out of the use of its camping facilities. Campers and Guests agree to comply with all of the campground rules and regulations as posted in the office and around the property.

Additionally, please remember that camping is an outdoor experience; therefore, we do not give refunds due to the discomfort of nature, weather, or early departures for any reason. 

-Thank You

Woody & Mary


Upon occupancy of a site or cabin, each camper agrees to abide by the following:


  • Quiet hours are from 10:30 P.M. until 8:00 A.M.


  • All guests must be registered at the main office.

  • Group gatherings with non-registered guests are prohibited.

  • NO smoking in the cabins,  or in any of the public bathrooms.  Please dispose of any cigarette butts properly.  Discarded cigarette butts around your campsite is littering and you will be charged for any trash that is found at your campsite after your departure.

  • NO firearms of any kind.

  • NO parking on any grass.

  • NO cutting, trimming or dragging wood from the woods . Firewood is available at the main office for purchase. $10/cart.

  • No bonfires without permission.

  • Campfires are permitted in fire rings only.  NEVER leave a fire unattended.  Do not move fire rings or burn trash in them. 


  • A visitor is anyone who is not registered, whether they are here for an hour,  a lunch time barbecue or just to relax.  All visitors must obtain a visitor day pass and pay $10 per person at the main office – if nobody is in the office, you need to call (570) 924-3427 and arrange for your visitors to register.  Visitors are a liability to our business. If visitors are not registered, they are trespassing.  Visitors create garbage, use water, create sewage and sometimes break/damage our campground facilities… all which cost money and none of which is included in the price of your stay.  Day passes are good for the day of purchase only.  Minors are not to be unattended – you are responsible for any damage your visitors may cause.   We apologize if you feel our policy seems strict and unwelcoming, but in our experience this policy ensures all visitors and guests will enjoy their stay.

  • You are responsible for and agree to pay for any damage done to any part of the property.

  • Pets are NOT allowed inside cabins.

  • Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior at ALL times.    All park occupants and guests must comply with all Federal, State and Local laws.


  • If you made any deposit on a reservation, deposits are non-refundable. 

  • If you would like to cancel your reservation, notice must be given 15 days prior to your scheduled reservation date for a refund. 

  • Camping is an outdoor experience; therefore, we do not give refunds due to the discomfort of nature, weather, or early departures for any reason. No exceptions!



  • Golf carts and ATVs may NOT be operated by unlicensed drivers, Unless accompanied by a PARENT or GUARDIAN.

  • 5 MPH speed limits are to be followed at all times!

  • All carts must have working headlights and taillights – lights must be on after dusk.

  • Do not allow more passengers than seating permits.

  • Pedestrians always have the right of the way – yield to any vehicle.  Do NOT short-cut across grassy areas or other campsites.

  • The golf cart owner has the sole responsibility for the golf cart and as such accepts all responsibility for anyone who may operate their golf cart. Failure by anyone to comply with the rules of operation could result in the loss of golf cart privileges at Buttermilk Falls Campground. 

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